Tai Chi

Improve your wellbeing with this ancient martial art

The Cabin

Wednesday 6-7pm

Please contact the centre for more information on 0203 069 7401

82 St. Leonards Rd, London, UK

Small, friendly group, with varying levels of experience. You’ll learn from the teacher, Alan, but also be guided by your peers.

Tai Chi is a gentle slow motion exercise great for improving joint flexibility, muscle strength, reducing stress and is proven to improve balance and reduce the incidence of falls.

To join simply drop in and try your first class!

Is there a cost?

Yes, it's £4 per drop in class

What should i wear?

Something comfy to allow you to freely move and trainers or similar

I've heard there are many different styles of Tai Chi, what do you do?

It's Yang style

I don't know the difference between styles and i've never done it before, can i still come?

Absolutely, yes! As we're such a small group you'll get loads of info and support from the tutor and the whole class

“An island of serenity and focus in your day”

Ms Katie Cat