Adult Art Class

Poplar Union’s Adult Art Class is for anyone who wishes to experiment with art techniques for the first time or to get support on an existing project.

Poplar Union

Tuesdays, 1-3pm

For more information, please contact Poplar Union on 020 3039 3333

Poplar Union, Cotall Street, London, UK

To begin each session, artist and facilitator Paolo Fiorentini will present a piece of artwork for the group to consider and discuss, learning some of the secrets behind it’s creation and about the artist.

You will then be guided through a variety of new skills and techniques including portraiture, landscape painting and still life. This is a relaxed and sociable class so come along, get creative and make some new friends over a brew and a paintbrush!

The class will provide basic art materials but you’re welcome to bring along your own kit.

Adult Art Class