A Street Safari with Bob Gilbert

Join Bob Gilbert on this urban walking tour and explore the diverse wildlife to be found.

Poplar Union

Sunday 12 May, 2pm-3.30pm

For more information, please contact Poplar Union on 020 3039 3333

Poplar Union, Cotall Street, London, UK

From park trees to pavement weeds, this walk explores the surprising diversity of wildlife to be found around the Poplar Union.

Even in the heart of the city there is a surprising diversity of wildlife to be found in even the most unlikely settings. Join local author of ‘Ghost Trees’ Bob Gilbert in this guided walk exploring the local area, streets, park and towpath, uncovering the unexpected in the everyday; the ferns that grow on top of a wall, the spiders that live in the crevices of bark, the birds that nest in canal-side drains. From park trees to pavement weeds it also explores our relationship with living things; the names we have given them, the uses we have put them to and the stories we have attached to them.